About Us

Since 1960 the Illawarra Radiology Group (IRG) has provided a comprehensive radiology service to referring medical practitioners, clinics and hospitals in the Illawarra region.

IRG has four imaging practices conveniently located throughout the Illawarra, offering world-class facilities and a complete range of testing. We use cutting edge technology including Multislice CT scanners – offering advanced CT scanning throughout the Illawarra region.

Illawarra Radiology Group is a modern, dynamic radiology practice which is constantly refining all aspects of its operation to provide the very best Medical Imaging Service Delivery to patients and referring doctors.

These include:


Direction of the practice by an experienced radiologist who understands the clinical needs of patients and referring doctors.


A commitment to stay at the forefront of Digital Imaging Technology, with constant upgrading of imaging equipment across  all of the IRG branches. Our MRI systems located at Wollongong are fully licensed and Medicare rebateable.  All of our CT systems are Multi-detector Helical technology.  All of the ultrasound systems offer colour doppler and are constantly updated to reflect the latest in evolving ultrasound technology.


Our radiologists are specialists who are fully accredited and participate in the RANZCR continuing medical education scheme. The majority of non-routine examinations are guided by one of our radiologists, who will individually tailor procedures to provide the highest quality result possible. They possess expertise in a broad range of imaging applications and are always happy to speak to referring doctors to give advice or to communicate urgent results.


Installation of fast interconnecting digital networks bridging the practices, allowing full consultation on all cases, when necessary, thus providing the best possible diagnostic opinion for patients.

Online Services

The ability to deliver medical images and reports direct to referring doctors using broadband Internet technology via IRG’s central Image Webserver.

Our Values

We are committed to uphold the Sonic Healthcare Core Values.